• From 28.06.2019 9:00 pm until 28.06.2019 11:30 pm
    At 5a Momples Rd, Harlow CM20 3EH, UK Categories: Gigs
    We are Scam 69. we are widely regarded as the finest New Wave Tribute act in the UK. Scam 69 authentically reproduce the sounds and energy of the Clash, the Undertones, the Buzzcocks, the Stranglers, the Adverts and many more...
  • From 29.06.2019 9:00 pm until 29.06.2019 11:30 pm
    At The Crown, 40 Market St, Harlow CM17 0AQ, UK Categories: Gigs
  • From 05.07.2019 9:00 pm until 05.07.2019 11:30 pm
    At Cock Green, Three Horseshoes Rd, Harlow CM19 4HW, UK Categories: Gigs
    Class covers band playing songs from Killers and Muse to Roberta Flack and Rhianna! FUBAR provide something different to other covers bands out there, check out Harlow Gig Guide for dates FUBAR are playing and come along and join them, you'll have a great night.
  • From 05.07.2019 9:00 pm until 05.07.2019 11:00 pm
    At The Essex Skipper, Harlow CM20 3AS, UK Categories: Gigs
  • From 06.07.2019 9:00 pm until 06.07.2019 11:30 pm
    At 15 Garden Terrace Rd, Harlow CM17 0AT, UK Categories: Gigs
    Rocking covers band providing awesome music that not everyone plays.
  • From 12.07.2019 9:00 pm until 12.07.2019 11:30 pm
    At The Shark, Hobtoe Rd, Harlow CM20 1TH, UK Categories: Gigs
    Goat Patrol was formed in 2007 when three pals, who had frankly nothing much better to do, picked up an instrument each and started making a noise which could be loosely described as music. After many evenings and weekends spent strumming, plucking and plonking away in a shed, recognisable tunes began to form and the boys were soon performing in local establishments to some acclaim.
  • On 27.07.2019
    At Harlow Rugby Club, Latton Park, Howard Way, Harlow, CM20 3FD Categories: Gigs
  • From 01.09.2019 9:00 pm until 01.09.2019 11:00 pm
    At The Shark, Hobtoe Rd, Harlow CM20 1TH, UK Categories: Gigs
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